Sunday, April 17, 2011

Artist of the Ephemeral

Today I'm celebrating the ephemeral nature of things.

I did my taxes -- the money comes in, it goes out, and I expect to hear from the IRS in the next two months with corrections to everything I did wrong on my forms. (It's pretty much a yearly event. I feel like we're on a first name basis.) I can't decide if this is the earliest I've ever filed my taxes (more than 24 hours ahead of the deadline!) or one of the latest times I've filed my taxes (since the deadline is three days later this year).

Ginger was completely freaked out by a group of churchgoers waving large palm fronds as we walked down Main Street. Since I thought it was Easter, it kind of freaked me out, too. However, this explains why when I saw a smallish child carefully looking in the flower beds of a front lawn and I asked him if he was looking for eggs he answered with a scornful "No!". (He was looking for sweet peas that he had planted, or something like that. We both quickly got bored with the conversation and wandered in our different directions.)

And for the second time in six months I had to erase the internal drive on my Mac and re-install the operating system. I'm thinking that suggests that there is actually a real hardware problem. Also, it means that everything I've added to the internal drive in the last six months is gone. But... I haven't put anything on the internal drive in the last six months that I care about, with the exception of links to blogs that I used to read and had just started to reassemble in the last few weeks, and I can probably get most of those back from memory.

So there we have it. Things come, they go, and life goes on.

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