Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are You Going To Yolo Fair?

My poor neighbors. Ever since I got back from the dog park (where everyone was talking about the upcoming Yolo County Fair), I've had "Scarborough Fair" stuck in my head. And since I live alone, naturally I've been belting out the three lines that I know over and over as I put the groceries away.

Yeah. Not really a song that's in my (admittedly very limited) range. And the windows are all open.

To make it worse, my neighbors' grown daughter can really sing. She majored in music and teaches voice lessons. So they know what singing is supposed to sound like. And I'm pretty sure my rendition doesn't qualify.

Anyhow, the point of this was that the Yolo County Fair (and we're a salt-of-the-earth farming community, so it's a "fair" not a "faire") starts on Wednesday. There's no entry fee, and I can walk to the fairgrounds from here.

But... why would I? I know I'm known for being apathetic and all that, but this is one of those things I just really don't get. I want to like the fair but I can't figure out why I would.

Children's swingsets make me nauseated, so the fair rides are right out. The food... just doesn't sound appealing. I don't like regular Twinkies, and deep-frying them doesn't make that any better. Vegetarian options are few and far between.

The animals... okay, baby goats are cute, but I don't really like most farm animals, and unlike many people, I know exactly what's going to happen to them the day after auction.

Live bands... not really interested. Car races... again, not my thing.

So I'm not really sure why I would go wander around in crowds of people in the summer heat.

What am I missing?


JJ said...

I admit that I go for the food. I love fair food, every artery-clogging, deep-fried bit of it. OK, not the Twinkies. Nothing makes them OK.

Since I am a knitter and now spin my own yarn, I like to check out fiber booths. I've been to the Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York Sheep and Wool festivals. I personally don't love the sheep (I know what happens to them, too!), but I do like New World camelids. I also like to watch the border collies herd sheep.

So, if you're not into fair food or fiber, you're really not missing out.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

I think maybe I'm just spoiled -- I'd rather go check out the new Ethiopian restaurant in Davis than eat fried food.

I am tempted to see the dog herding trials, but those aren't at the fair.

JJ said...

There's an Ethiopian place in Davis now? I have been wanting to try Ethiopian, but Rich has actually been there and not cared much for the food. This means he will not go with me to try it, and I haven't been able to plan an event with other friends.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Yes, it opened up a few months ago. I love Ethiopian food, but I haven't been yet since all of my friends either a) live too far away, b) don't have schedules which lead to us being off at the same time, or c) have developed weird food restrictions which make eating at restaurants almost impossible.

Maybe I should just get take-out...

jeff said...

You forgot the sunburn and heat as an enticement. After all it is “Sunny Days at the Yolo County Fair”

And of course, crowds.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

We're having the coolest summer I've been in Woodland to see -- which means that temps are in the eighties and nineties. So, yeah, heat and crowds. And _children_...