Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Professional Home Office

We're all about rolling with the punches and making things work here at the House of Nebulopathy.

So what do you do when Effing Scooter expands his oeuvre to encompass not only paper and plastic but also computer cables? You roll with it and use an empty box to protect the work computer when you're not using it.
(Related: I'm pretty sure someone with naughty cats invented the rolltop desk.)

But if you just put a box over the important computer bits, there's a good chance E.S. will let loose in the box itself (ask me how I know!), so you have to tape it shut.

Problem solved... except then Ripley, the cat who likes to eat tape and cardboard, enters the picture.

Duct tape doesn't really hold up to this sort of thing.

Mmm, fiber...

Overall working from home is a huge improvement over going in to the office, but it has its challenges.

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