Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some Days...

Jeff was having his annual Sort-of-near-the-fourth-of-July barbeque today, so I made kebabs (with baked tofu) and chocolate ice cream with chunks of cherries and packed up the car and drove off.

After sitting in traffic for thirty minutes I realized that I forgot to add an ice pack to keep the ice cream cold.

After another thirty minutes I came to the conclusion that I should have bought some dry ice to keep the ice cream cold.

When I finally got to Vacaville after an hour and a half (and traffic wasn't improving) I couldn't remember why I wanted to go to the barbeque in the first place because I hated every single person in the entire world with the exception of my mom (and in another fifteen minutes that would have been iffy as well).

So I turned around and drove home.


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