Sunday, January 12, 2014

And the Reviews are Streaming In...

I'm trying to get my butt in gear and edit the novel I wrote in November. Motivating myself to write is easier because I can set a word count and then force myself to sit down and type until I hit that goal. Editing is a much more murky task.

I've decided to go with this method:, mostly because one-pass seems like the minimum amount that I can get away with. I'm on the scene by scene slog. I already know my ending sucks. The book just sort of stops. But that's on chapter ten, so maybe I'll have figured out how to end it by the time I get that far.

Today Scooter peed on the first four pages of chapter two. Personally I thought chapter two was not bad (relatively), but apparently my cat disagrees. His comments were very non-specific, though, so I need to figure out what part, exactly, he didn't like. Was it the introduction of a new character, or the general lack of description? Perhaps the dialogue was offensive to his sensitive-yet-furry ears?

The other four cats have yet to weigh in, but I'm hoping for kinder or at least less oblique suggestions.

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