Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bags and Candles Night Again!

It was luminary night again in Ye Olde Woodland Downtowne Historicke Centre, and our street had the best turnout we've ever had.

(Night photography -- not really any easier than daytime photography. I give up.)

My neighbors ordered pizza, and my other neighbors brought over cookies, and I brought nothing, and we all stood on the front lawn eating and talking and feeling the temperature drop.

Later I walked around the 'hood with two of my neighbors. They know everybody, or at least they are two degrees of separation away from everybody we met. The reason for this is that they have children. If nobody had children we could all be like me and never interact with anybody, which is an excellent lifestyle (at least until the race dies out because nobody has children).

Anyhow, I started working from home last week, and let me tell you, commuting only one day a week is an 80% improvement over commuting five days a week. (Or maybe a 400% improvement, depending on what you put in the denominator. Clearly I haven't defined something.)

Right, well, I'm off to dream about the devil himself (cough, Microsoft, cough). Have a good week!

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