Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ouch, You're Hurting My Feelings. No, Really. I Promise.

In the latest skirmish of the battle to convince people I'm not really an "employee", the people who pay me money are threatening to take things away. I'm trying to be pissed off about this on general principle, but the things they are threatening to take away:

1) My phone at work, and
2) My MS Outlook account with its 250 MB (that's not a typo) limit that means that a significant part of the work life is spent trying to dump things as fast as possible because people keep sending 10MB attachments.

This is like someone telling you that you've been arrested and your sentence is a free lifetime supply of chocolate and a new car. I'll be the envy of every employee at the company.

So yeah, even though we're at the "everyone needs to be fired" point of the current release, things are looking up.

Sure, I don't get paid vacations, but we all know that I'm not leaving California ever again anyhow.

And at least I don't have non-refundable plane tickets to a country that the US State Department just issued a travel advisory for...

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