Thursday, March 19, 2009

The people in the box are not your friends... or are they?

Here are some shows I'm currently watching to keep my mind off the fact that my refrigerator doesn't work, I still have to figure out my taxes, I need to find time to get the Honda's oil changed, and I can't get "my" horse to canter on the left lead:

How I Met Your Mother: One of my favorite short story authors, Janet Kagen, disappeared a while ago, and I mourned her loss since she wrote witty, interesting fiction. Then I happened to notice her name in the credits of this show, as the script supervisor. Part of me wants her to go back to writing fiction, and the other part of me wants her to keep with this show since it is consistently funny and worth watching. I'm guessing this pays better, so I understand and salute her. Oh, and this show has Neil Patrick Harris...enough said.

Fringe: I like this show, but at the same time at least once in every episode I want to start drinking more so I can forget what I've just seen. They manage to come up with semi-plausible explanations for weird phenomena on a regular basis, and the character of Walter is great, but... they get all the easy stuff wrong.

Like when a guy with no connection to law enforcement collects evidence for a murder case.

Or when they resuscitate a person who goes into cardiac arrest (following an anesthetic overdose) with a makeshift defibrillator. I'm not complaining about the defibrillator (although I'm pretty sure that was complete nonsense), but hello, has anyone involved with the show ever heard about respiratory depression? This person is probably going into vfib because she hasn't taken a breath in over five minutes. Low blood pressure ring any bells? Come on people, this is pretty basic stuff. Oh, and maybe I was just terrible at resuscitating my patients, but in general, I found that my patients need a little more care after the heart starts beating again. To quote one of my emergency medicine clinicians on why CPR is rarely successful in the long term: "It's hard to make them live again when you couldn't keep them alive in the first place."

Dollhouse: The premise is intriguing and Joss Whedon is involved. The show is having some growing pains, but is still watchable. The question is whether the show will be cancelled before it really gets going. After all, they cancelled Firefly after one season... I'm trying not to get too attached so I won't be depressed when it gets cancelled.

Castle: Speaking of Firefly... Nathan Fillion is in a new series about a best-selling author who rides along with a homicide detective. I was pretty meh about the premise, but the first episode was great, and the second was still good. I'll keep watching.

Chuck: Speaking of Firefly again, Adam Baldwin (formerly known as Jayne), who is not one of the Baldwin brothers, has a roll in this fun series about a guy who accidentally ends up with a spy program in his head. The episodes are a bit hit and miss, but it's watchable.


Eric said...

Okay, the refrigerator still doesn't work? You have a job now, you know.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

Well, sometimes it works. And my job keeps me away from home -- who has time to be home for a repair appointment?

I need a personal assistant.